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Minimum Standard

Basic Frame, at a minimum cost.

  • Suitable For Temporary display. An inexpensive ‘cash & carry’ product into which customers can insert their own artwork
  • Moulding No significant blemishes
  • Mitres Accurately cut, glued and pinned tightly
  • Windowmount It is not necessary to use a windowmount, but if one is used the corners must be cleanly cut and the mountboard must be free from blemishes.
  • Undermount A barrier layer between the artwork and the back board is not necessary.
    Attaching Artwork It is acceptable for artwork to be ‘slotted’ into the frame without fixing or to be stuck down. Artwork must be properly centred and free from blemishes caused by framing.
  • Glazing Rolled glass or better, free from obvious blemishes. Must be cut to give sufficient clearance inside the rebate of the frame. It is acceptable for the glazing to touch the artwork.
  • Back board Pulpboard and cardboard are acceptable.
  • Securing the frame Flexible tabs or better.
  • Hanging Hanging fittings must be sufficiently strong to support the frame. Cord and screw-eyes can be supplied for the customer to attach.
    Finish Dust and dirt should be removed. It is not necessary to seal the back with tape.